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How we do it:

Team L.O.V.E. joins forces with corporate partners like you to develop a customized cause marketing program

that meets your business objectives. If your company wants to invest in a charitable cause to create lasting positive change in the community and in the lives of the poor and vulnerable, we're open and ready to connect!

Cause marketing programs can include:

  • Charitable sales promotions, where you pledge a percentage of sales, proceeds or a predetermined sum to benefit L.O.V.E. Works International programs.

  • Promoting a challenge or match donation to employees and/or customers

  • Hosting a donation drive

  • Providing change collection containers or “round up” customer sales promotions

  • Preparing your employees to ask consumers for a donation directly

Be a living inspiration to your customers and employees! Demonstrate that you are committed to helping communities in need by developing a cause marketing campaign with us! A cause marketing campaign will help you do business strategically, while showing yourself to be a good corporate citizen that is socially responsible.


can equal increased sales, brand awareness, and brand loyalty